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  • ‘Tangled’ is Fun, But Could Have Been Better
    ‘Tangled’ is Fun, But Could Have Been Better

    Tangled, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ adaptation of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel, opens in theatres on November 24. It is Disney’s 50th animated feature. Tangled has as much ‘heart’ and adventure as Pixar’s latest release, Toy Story 3. One of the most moving elements is the backstory of the royal…

  • Tangled – The Second Trailer
    Tangled – The Second Trailer

    Oooh. Wow. Me likey. One question though. What happened to the possessive? Disney Tangled? Are we to believe that Disney itself is tangled? Shouldn’t it be Disney’s Tangled? I’m confused. Maybe it should be Disney Presents Tangled? But then shouldn’t it be Walt Disney Presents Tangled? Someone get Disney marketing…

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