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Miramax Matters

Word has it that Eisner’s resignation letter has already had a good effect and smoothed the way for a new contract with the Weinstein brothers. Looks like both brothers will be staying in the Disney fold.

The Miramax Diet

Forced to make budget cuts with the end of the year a ways off and no new films in production, Miramax cuts 13% of its staff. The decision as to the Weinstein brothers future with the company and with Disney remains clouded. But the stock level is not, Disney’s stock sunk to near $20 on… Read More »The Miramax Diet

Miramax Miracle

With this deal Eisner will be able to keep Miramax and eat his cake too? Can Eisner pull it off? Walt Disney Co. and its Miramax Films unit, which is run by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, are expected to meet this week to discuss letting Harvey Weinstein start a production company and his brother remain… Read More »Miramax Miracle

Two Brothers on their way…

For years Touchstone Pictures was the black sheep of the Disney family. No one really wanted to talk about them and their non-Disney films. But there they were all those years making money for the mouse. Then along came Miramax and the Weinstein Brothers and… Read More »Two Brothers on their way…