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Junior Petty ride-a-long to get Pixar Cars style makeover

Update: I’ve been sent two car designs for the Piston Cup as created by Pixar Animation Studios. I think they’re pretty neat:



See the real things starting June 13th.

If you’ve parked at the TTC, you’ve probably heard the roar of race cars as they zoom around Walt Disney World Speedway. Sometimes they are actual professional drivers doing some testing or training, but usually that means the Richard Petty Driving Experience is hosting the most thrilling outside-the-berm experience you can enjoy while at the world.

For those who don’t want to drive, they have ride-a-long experiences and not too long ago, the RPDE added Junior Ride-A-Long’s for kids aged 6 to 13 (and 48 inches tall). While I did the driving myself, my son had the opportunity for a ride-a-long with one of the Petty drivers.  He assures me it was an amazing experience. He actually got to go faster than I did, since there was a pro behind the wheel.

As it works now, you ride in a car that had a former life in a NASCAR series and as such they’re stickered up like a real stock car would be. But for the Junior Ride-A-Long’s kids will soon be able to choose between two characters from Pixar’s animated feature film “Cars” – Aiken Axler and Sage VanDerSpin. You may recall that Richard Petty provided the voice of “The King” in the original “Cars” movie.

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