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Time Warner and Disney Reach Agreement

Your ESPN is safe. Time Warner and Disney has reached an agreement that will keep the Disney owned channels live on the cable system. Additional deals were struck to carry on broadband and additional video on Demand services.

I can’t think of a single one of these negotiations that wasn’t resolved either before the deadline or shortly there after. Cable and content creators need to sit down with the FCC and members of congress and figure out a new model of content neutrality that still gives cable companies a reasonable profit.

The full press release of the announcement is below the cut:

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Another Video Rental Company Enters the Home

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One of the reasons I wrote that most recent column on was to tie together some developments in the business world around Disney, and seemingly peripheral Disney news into the larger context.  It was with stories like this in mind.Movie Gallery has announced the acquisition of MovieBeam.  Movie Gallery is the second largest U.S.… Read More »Another Video Rental Company Enters the Home