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Roundup – What’s open in my tabs right now

Things that are open in the various tabs of my browser right now:

  • Slate article on "Five Days Of Disney" where a single traveler immerses himself in the Walt Disney World resort and makes all sorts of witty remarks and a few decent ones.
  • Traveling to Walt Disney World soon? Order custom park maps delivered for free (as in free beer). These are pretty cool treasure map looking maps too. I saw some families using them in the parks and they said they loved them too.
  • James Baxter, whose studio did the hand drawn animation for Enchanted after Disney found they no longer employed enough artists to do the job themselves, has announced his return to Dreamworks Animation. Baxter recently gave a seminar on animation and the Seward Street blog has been kind enough to provide his notes (day one and day two). I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, but I would have loved to be in that room. This is must read stuff for anyone at all interested in a career in animation.
  • Dreamworks Animation is hinged to Paramount studios for a while yet, but the talent behind Dreamworks might be looking to split. The NY Times digs into the twists and turns that would result over who gets to keep what rights to which films. I see a court date in the future on this one.
  • is the pre-opening promotional site for Universals re-branding of the Back To The Future ride to the popular The Simpsons cartoon. Build your own Simpson’s Avatar and take it on the ride.
  • All the pictures in Flickr with ‘Disney’ in the text sorted by ‘interestingness’.
  • Finally, Twitter is open, of course. The Disney Blog is closing in on 300 followers on Twitter? Why not become one yourself? Check out this great video for an introduction to Twitter if you’re still wondering why. It’s "Twitter In Plain English" and it’s right below the cut.

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Fun with Walt Disney World Lithograph Promotion

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