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Top Five Disney Hotels for Adults.

This post brought to you by Christina Wood of Pixie Vacations, the preferred Disney vacation travel planner of The Disney Blog.


Planning an adult-only trip to the World?  Some may scoff at the location for grown up guests, but Disney World is actually the number one honeymoon destination in the country, and with good reason: Gorgeous hotels, plenty of activities in the parks and the surrounding areas, and amazing food for every palate.  For adults who like a vacation that mixes the ability to relax and indulge with just plain old-fashioned fun, Disney World is ideal. But what about the resorts? Some resorts just scream “kid-friendly” but others cater more to adult tastes. Here’s my top five.

5. Port Orleans French Quarter.

Ask a Disney travel agent what her go-to resort is and she’ll probably tell you French Quarter and for good reason: It’s small enough that you can get around easily, so you don’t have to book a preferred room to ensure you’re close to dining and the buses, and it’s got plenty for kids to do, but it looks like a grown up resort. Couple that with affordability and you have a budget-friendly , grown up choice.

Beds with Fiber Optics

Beds with Fiber Optics

4. The Polynesian.

When the rooms at the Poly were refurbished last year, my opinion of this resort changed completely. I always loved the grounds, the pools, the beach, and romantic lighting at night, but the rooms left a lot to be desired. In fact, they looked like something the Brady Bunch would have stayed in circa 1972. The refurb changed all that. Now the rooms are brighter and more elegant, with a more modern take on the Hawaiian theme. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of construction going on here for the next year so I can’t recommend that you travel there for the next year or so, but I think it’s going to be amazing when it’s compete.  If you still want a little bit of that Polynesian romance, stop by for a drink–the lapu lapu comes in a pineapple–at night and go down to the beach and watch the fireworks.

3. Animal Kingdom Lodge/Wilderness Lodge.

The lighting, the animals, the dining: this is simply a beautifully themed resort. In fact, I would say it’s the most well-themed resort on property.  Make sure you check out the large fire pit out on the savanna viewing area at Jambo House or eat at Jiko, one of Disney’s best signature restaurants.  One thing that sets this resort apart from others is the landscaping around the pools. Most Disney resorts are a bit short on poolside foliage, but Animal Kingdom lodge is green and shady. The result is that you’ll find quiet places to read and nap, away from the hustle and bustle of families enjoying their day at the pool.Read More »Top Five Disney Hotels for Adults.

The Top Five Secrets of Booking a Disney Cruise.

This post brought to you by Christina Wood of Pixie Vacations, the preferred Disney vacation travel planner of The Disney Blog.


Planning a cruise is not as difficult as planning to Disney World, where I regularly encounter my clients’ six-page spreadsheets, make multiple dining changes, and spend a couple of hours just picking out fastpasses. While it’s not as simple as just showing up for your cruise, cruising, truthfully, is easy. That’s what makes it so great. Booking your cruise, however, can be a little bit tricky. Here are some pointers to make the process a little less confusing.

5. Book as early as possible.

The biggest reason to book your cruise as early as you can is that you’ll pay less. Cruise lines all raise prices based on availability–as room categories fill up, the price of the remaining rooms under that category increases. It’s simple supply and demand.

In addition to saving money, booking early allows you to get your first pick of dining times. If you have young children, an early dining time is usually ideal. Finally, booking early allows you to pick your cabin, so you have more deck and location choices. While deck choices are a personal opinion, most guests like mid-ship, so those will fill up first.

4.  Don’t pay for insurance until you’re final payment is due.

You can cancel your cruise for any reason prior to your final payment date and get a full refund, no question asked (exceptions for concierge), but if you have insurance added, you won’t get that money back. Since you can add insurance any time before final payment, just wait until then and then add it. But don’t forget–otherwise you’re probably out of luck.Read More »The Top Five Secrets of Booking a Disney Cruise.

Video of the Disney Travel AIR application

Macromedia’s The Flash Blog has video of a Disney travel AIR application. AIR is Adobe’s new software package that allows developers to create platform independent applications that can live on the web or on your desktop (if you have AIR installed). This happens to be… Read More »Video of the Disney Travel AIR application