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Toy Story

Illuminating Fool

What is to become of Disney Animation? Is the brand already too watered down by the direct to video sequals and television quality animation passed off as feature animation? People are getting concerned. I’ll tell you why people are concerned. They think Disney’s lost its touch. Whether the Mickey Mouse company decides to hand off… Read More »Illuminating Fool

Disney’s Top Animated Features, an online community for teens and twenty somethings, has posted their top ten list of Classic Disney Animated Films. The Lion King rules the roost beating out some of the more recent films including those by Pixar. Here’s the total list:     Bolt’s Top 10 Animated Movies     1.  The Lion King… Read More »Disney’s Top Animated Features

Toy Story III & IV

Apparently Disney is content to severe all ties with Pixar and go it alone with their own CGI Animation Department. To that end, they just announced that two more sequels to the Toy Story movie will be released, but this time without the help of Pixar. If that doesn’t put a nail in the coffin… Read More »Toy Story III & IV

Disney and Pixar Splitsville?

We may never see Disney and Pixar teamed up to develop, create, and distribute great films. Even Bob Iger says so now. And that’s getting all the news coverage. What is left out is that Pixar and Disney might still come to some sort of partnership regarding aspects other than distribution. Disney’s staff has been… Read More »Disney and Pixar Splitsville?

Movie Posters for Pixar’s The Incredibles

Empire Movie Reviews posts four posters for the upcoming Pixar flick “The Incredibles”. Movie opens November 5th. This movie is a little bit of a departure for Pixar. It steers away from the child friendly pictures like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monster’s Inc., and toward movies made for the older children in the family… Read More »Movie Posters for Pixar’s The Incredibles

EPCOT and the future

Lance is back from his vacation to the world and asks a question that the Disney Company has been trying to figure out for about a decade now. How is the future represented at Disney themeparks now that technology is developing so rapidly? The answer is still evolving, but more and more the answer appears… Read More »EPCOT and the future