Orlando Mass Transit Map is Murky

Walt Disney, I think everyone can agree, was a visionary. His desire to see an America connected by a series of high speed trains, monorails, and people mover systems was given proof of concept by his theme park experiments and plans for the City of… Read More »Orlando Mass Transit Map is Murky

Disney World signs on to High Speed Rail

When the Obama administration announced there was $8 billion in the stimulus package for funding High Speed Rail projects, there was good reason to hope that Central Florida would be receive part of that funding. Now that hope has been given a shot in the… Read More »Disney World signs on to High Speed Rail

Disney World’s Meg Crofton Busks for Commuter Rail

Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton is committed to the Orlando community. Her position gives her real power to make a difference in the lives of many people. Plus, having a strong community from which to draw employees is a key business need for Walt Disney World Resort, so it’s all good.

A few years ago Disney lobbied for a state wide high speed rail. Sadly it went down to defeat by those who don’t believe in the power of its economic engine. With stimulus checks coming out of Washington DC shortly, hopefully the state will take another look at High Speed Rail.

But in the meantime there is SunRail. A commuter rail line trying to lay down some tracks in Central Florida. As you might expect Meg and Disney are on board with its potential as well. The following editorial appeared in the Orlando Sentinel this morning.

February 3, 2009 — Orlando Sentinel
My Word Column, Meg Crofton

As the leader of a business that employs more than 60,000 Central Floridians, I find a lot to like about SunRail. It will provide another way for commuters to reach their jobs. It will open new access to existing businesses. And it will help bring new businesses here.

All of these are important. But one thing that might not be so obvious is how SunRail is going to improve something Central Florida is already famous for — our quality of life.

At Disney, we believe stories have the power to paint pictures of what might be. Let me tell you a story — a story about Central Florida as it might look with SunRail, just a few years from now:

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