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Suspended Animation

I’ve been hearing rumors that 2-D Hand Drawn Animated Features are not completely dead at the Walt Disney Company. However, don’t get your hopes up. Computer generated animated features is the route the Disney company has chosen to take. And it looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future. To many it feels like… Read More »Suspended Animation

Pixar surprising hits? I think not.

I don’t know what Pixar’s plans are after their Disney deal is finished. Disney is still the best studio for supporting, distributing, and publicizing animated films. Rumors are flying that they will end up with a sweet deal (ala George Lucas) at Fox or Sony or Warner Bros. Jerry at CartoonBrew, consistantly the best animation… Read More »Pixar surprising hits? I think not.

Feature Animation Shakeup?

According to sources familiar with the production, Chicken Little is having problems. Story and creative staff are being pulled off Wilbur Robinson, the studio’s next full length CGI animation project, to help iron out persistent problems with Chicken Little’s storyline. Over at his new website, Chuck O. posts about rumors of a shake up… Read More »Feature Animation Shakeup?

Disney Animation Dream

I do pray that Light will shine down and remove the Darkness that consumed Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This nightmare has all but destroyed the dream for everyone concerned. Though it’s mighty hard to play “The Glad Game” at The Studio these days, I remain an optimist like Pollyanna — and believe that “truth will… Read More »Disney Animation Dream

Walt’s People

I’ve been hearing rumors of a book about Walt and the Golden and Silver era’s of the Walt Disney Company that tells the story through interviews with what could be called ‘Walt’s People’. Now comes word that it is actually a series of books edited by Didier Ghez and that the first one will be… Read More »Walt’s People

Doobie’s Back!!!

Now that the hurricane’s appear to have left the Orlando area for a bit, things are getting back to normal for’s webmaster. As such he is back with his bi-monthly roundup of the latest changes, rumors, and new attractions at Disney’s American Themeparks. Go check it out!

Children’s Place buys The Disney Stores

Update: Correction. These rumors are just regarding the letter of intent. No final contract has been signed. My bad Word is leaking out the the sale has gone through, or will shortly. Thus marks the end of a long chapter in the Walt Disney Company that was at one time both it’s biggest success and… Read More »Children’s Place buys The Disney Stores

A couple of WDW rumors

Some rumors about the parks at Disney World and how fast they’ll recover from Hurricane Frances. Although MSNBC is running a ticker saying that Disney World will open on Monday, the feeling is that it might be a late opening and Animal Kingdom might stay closed an extra day again. The parks again avoided a… Read More »A couple of WDW rumors