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Regal Entertainment Group

Regal Getting More 3-D, Time Warner Cable Split

In distribution news, Regal Entertainment Group has reached a deal with Real D 3D to upgrade 1,500 cinema screens with 3-D technology.¬† In addition to Regal Cinemas, Regal also owns the United Artists¬† cinemas and Edwards Cinemas. Time Warner plans to go ahead and fully… Read More »Regal Getting More 3-D, Time Warner Cable Split

What’s Anschutz Up To?

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According to Bloomberg News, Philip Anschutz has agreed to sell 20.6 million shares of Qwest, a company he founded, completing plans to unload nearly all of his ownership.  Qwest is the fourth-largest U.S. telephone company. The sale will generate an initial payment of $150.5 million, according to a filing Tuesday with the Securities and Exchange… Read More »What’s Anschutz Up To?