• Videopolis: Ukulele Jungle
    Videopolis: Ukulele Jungle

    Not every videopolis entry has to be from a YouTube super star or have crazy viral potential. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of weirdness to catch our eye. That’s the case in today’s video which features a ukulele cover of “I want to be like you” from…

  • Disney World Destiny for Married Couple
    Disney World Destiny for Married Couple

    Have you heard of this story? A married couple is going through some old family pictures, when he sees his dad pushing him in a stroller in the background of her family picture taken at Walt Disney World. They didn’t know each other then (he lived in Canada and she…

  • Animated Anatomy
    Animated Anatomy

    This weekend you’ll want to make sure to head over to South Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee’s “Animatus” exhibit to see his wild creations that peel the skin off your favorite animated characters to reveal the skeleton’s inside. This Mickey Mouse is just a taste. If you’re Basel, Switzerland you can…

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