• Thoughts on Disneynature’s ‘Oceans’
    Thoughts on Disneynature’s ‘Oceans’

    Tomorrow is Earth Day 2010, opening day for Oceans, the second picture released in North America under the Disneynature banner. The documentary is directed by French filmmakers Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud and features never-before-seen views of the world’s oceans captured using the ‘latest in underwater recording technologies’. Narration is…

  • This Earth Day, Make a Wave, Make A Pledge
    This Earth Day, Make a Wave, Make A Pledge

    Conservation is a large part of the show and mission at Walt Disney World. This April Disney hopes to expand Earth Day into Earth Month and encourages everyone to “Make A Wave, Make A Pledge” and take action to help our oceans and sea life. Of course, there is the…

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