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Oh, LOST! (Season 4 Finale)

There is just so much I want to yell out at the beginning of this post. (LOCKE! WALT! JIN! CLAIRE! MICHAEL!) My emotions literally ran the gamut while watching last night’s episode. There was not one wasted scene and it never ever stopped.

At the end of the last season’s finale, they shocked us with the Lostie’s future and those darned flashFORWARDs. I remember feeling like I had been to a funeral. I was wrung out! And even though we’ve had an entire season between these two finales, I feel like what we actually got last night was the Part 2 of LAST season’s finale.

We’ll do this a little differently today…this is about the 3rd time I’ve written this post. I’m trying NOT to make it as long as War & Peace. And get all the good stuff in there at the same time. So, we’ll do the micro-machine man on the basics, then get to the meat and the ALL CAPS and !!!! in a minute, ok?

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