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China set to compete on world market with Animated Feature

In manufacturing, this country already rules the textile world, the production of computer parts and countless other items that Americans all but take for granted. Now, with the sophisticated images coming out of this studio, China seems to be serving notice to the Disneys and Pixars of the world that its day is arriving in… Read More »China set to compete on world market with Animated Feature

Disney’s Top Animated Features, an online community for teens and twenty somethings, has posted their top ten list of Classic Disney Animated Films. The Lion King rules the roost beating out some of the more recent films including those by Pixar. Here’s the total list:     Bolt’s Top 10 Animated Movies     1.  The Lion King… Read More »Disney’s Top Animated Features

The Incredibles, Box Office Winner Again

The numbers are in and it looks like The Incredibles has had another spectacular weekend bringing in $54.1 million and placing it atop the weekend earning chart. Earning over $144 million in ten days, The Incredibles is on the pace to match the success of Finding Nemo.

Luxo fun!

Luxo blog, The Pixar Animation blog extra-ordinaire, features a new look and a link to this great MTV story on Brad Bird and The Incredibles. "Director Brad Bird is an anomaly in animation, a visionary with a retro sensibility and a stark aversion to the kind of safe, formulaic product that’s dominated the medium in… Read More »Luxo fun!

National Review reviews The Incredibles

Most kids’ entertainment is about kids. Pixar movies are about adults. They show children what adults are supposed to do — to be brave and self-sacrificing, to defend children even at risk to themselves, to give even in the face of ingratitude. This is wise because, after all, children aren’t going to remain children. Just… Read More »National Review reviews The Incredibles

Whither Disney Animation?

With Pixar and Disney on the outs, Dreamworks with a few succesful films under it’s belt (not to mention Shrek2 the most successful animated film ever), and talent drain turning into a possible drought, what will happen to Disney’s feature animation division? They risk the chance of being the 4th or 5th ranked animated film… Read More »Whither Disney Animation?

Brad Bird in NY Times

“I just always wondered when a superhero broke through a wall, who was going to pay for that wall?” he said with a smile. “In the small-minded world we live in, that deed is not going to go unpunished Director Brad Bird reveals some of his motivation behind The Incredibles.

New Incredibles Clip

Yahoo Entertainment has a new clip from Pixar’s The Incredibles. Now, I was expecting something a little more adult oriented from Director Brad Bird, but this scene is incredlbly dark. I can’t wait to see this in the theatre.