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Dining comes to Pleasure Island AMC Theatres at Downtown Disney

Last night I went to Downtown Disney’s AMC Theatres to catch the 8:30 PM showing of THOR on the big ETX screen in 3D (short review: It’s a great superhero flick. See the movie, don’t bother with 3D). I arrived a bit early hoping to get a look at the newest thing to hit Orlando, the concept of a dine-in movie theater. Alas, I was a few nights too early, as a Cast Member preview was under way and the dine-in section won’t open until May 16th.

Since the 1980s when the Bagdad Theater in Portland, OR was converted to a pizzeria and brewpub that showed B-movies, I’ve had it in my head to open a movie theater that served great food along with movies. Now it’s gone main stream. Bagdad was ahead of the curve as lately upscale movie theaters with seat side dining service have been springing up over the last few years. That trend has finally made its way to Orlando.

AMC Theatres (AMC), who calls themselves a leading theatrical exhibition and entertainment company, announced today that guests will be able to watch the latest movies while enjoying their favorite food and beverages at AMC Downtown Disney 24 located in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort. AMC Dine-In Theatres, the only theatre of its kind in the Orlando area combines restaurant cuisine and cocktails with AMC’s noted immersive movie theatre experience and hit movies.

“We are excited to present AMC Downtown Disney as another one of our flagship AMC Dine-In Theatres,” said Gerry Lopez, chief executive officer and president, AMC. “Since the launch of this concept, we’ve received tremendous feedback from our guests about the enhanced experience and variety of food and beverage options. More than 90 percent of our surveyed guests who attended a Dine-In location said it met or exceeded their expectations.”

AMC Dine-In Theatres offers a meal-and-a-movie option and a bar and lounge. Note that there are now separate entrances. One for the 18 theatres that don’t have dine-in. That’s on the House of Blues/DisneyQuest end of the building. And one for the 6 theatres that feature the new dining options. That’s on the Planet Hollywood end.

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