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lost season 6 episode 8

Lost: Season 6: Ab Aerteno (Episode 9)

Oh, Losties! Did we just get a Richard Alpert flashback? Did we just get a story that was 99% flashback? Did we get real questions answered? YES, I THINK WE DID! Oh, my goodness was I ever excited to see dear old SexyEyes get his day! (Of course, I think maybe he should be called Crazy Eyes now.) I’ve been wanting backstory on Richard for seasons! His position on The Island has been pivotal to us understanding….well UNDERSTANDING.

So, let’s get started! I so want to talk about this one. Because now I have theories! Yes, my mind can actually wrap around this one and come up with theories!!

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Lost Season 6: Recon (Episode 8)

All Sawyer! All the time! “Recon”, this week’s Lost episode should have been my favorite! We got to see Sawyer in LA. And find out that he is NOT a conman! Of course, we also see him get busy with two different girls, eat frozen dinners and a 6pack of beer by himself and have his police partner walk out on him. I’m torn. I loved seeing Sawyer’s life but man…did he need Juliet or what?!

This whole episode was just a little…slow for me. It felt like we took one tiny small step forward. I don’t know what was really accomplished and I don’t really know what questions to ask. Maybe I’ll feel better as we talk about the episode. Ready?
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