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lost season 6 episode 11

Lost Season 6: Happily Ever After (Episode 11)

I do not watch commercials during Lost. We watch another show until about 9:20 so we can fast forward through the commercials courtesy of our Tivo. Last night we were watching American Idol and after the 4th or 5th off key song, I said, “It’s time. Let’s watch LOST.”  We turned it on and I’m loving it from the first second. I am getting nervous at the absolute ISLAND-NESS of the whole episode. Every single thing that happened in the flashsideways was a complete and utter shout out to its Island mama! Then, in the exact moment when I knew I was correct—that LA was not their REAL life, my DirecTV RESTARTS.

That’s right. It just dies and then gives me a grey screen that said, “Powering up…please wait…” WAIT? WAIT WHEN DANIEL WIDMORE IS SHOWING DESMOND HIS JOURNAL FULL OF PHYSICS THEORIES? WAIT WHILE MS. HAWKINS IS SHOUTING AT DESMOND ABOUT VIOLATIONS AND NOT BEING READY? I think I may have been shaking. We finally get our Tivo screen back up and I click play. The only thing I see is Desmond happily leaning back in his limo. WHAT IN THE WORLD? How could I miss the most important scene of the entire season?!

I finally had to go to bed and dream about what could have been. This morning I got up early and clicked over to and waited for “Happily Ever After” to load. And oh-my-stinking-lostie-goodness. I just don’t think I could be happier unless Juliet and Sawyer had been meeting for coffee while planning their wedding!

So, let’s start talking about this. It’s all fresh in my head so I may need a second to formulate a couple of theories…

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