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lost everybody loves hugo

Lost Season 6: Everybody Loves Hugo (Epsiode 12)

I read a theory by Doc Jensen about how in the end of Lost our two realities will keep going but in sideways LA, everyone (hopefully) will remember The Island and their experiences will merge in their head making a full complete redeemed character. (I can’t remember what was going to happen to the poor Island Losties.) I kind of like this theory. You know I was dead-set against them NOT knowing about The Island. But if they get to have redeemed better lives, being reunited with their loved ones AND remember The Island, then I kinda like that.

And as I watched last night’s episode featuring our beloved Hurley, I thought this might really be the case. It seemed to good to be true–Hurley is loved, he’s rich, he’s found his true love, he remembers The Island and he’s happy! THEN DESMOND HAPPENED. And that theory totally got thrown out the window. What in the world is going on with Desmond? Desmond is giving me creepy Sayid vibes–on AND off The Island.

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