labor day

Ending Summer with a splash at SeaWorld Aquatica


It is Labor Day, the last day of summer 2014, and we decided to head to SeaWorld Aquatica for a little R&R. It is absolutely the busiest I’ve ever seen SeaWorld Aquatica.

It is about 100° today, when you factor in the humidity. So it’s a good idea to stay hydrated. Even if you’re in the water most of the day.

Crowds mean you will have to wait for your favorite water slide, however it is a still pretty easy to walk around and the wave pools and rivers are manageable.

We ate lunch at Waterstone Grill where there was a slow moving line but good burgers and other items. As with all SeaWorld dining, there are no straws with your drinks. Two adults and two kids meals was about $33. Not too bad really.

Photos and more below:

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