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Disney World makes four hotels dog friendly

People with pets who want to visit Walt Disney World have to make a hard choice, leave them home or bring them with. Bringing them with has meant options for staying on property were very limited (overnight kennels or off-site hotels or vacation homes). But… Read More »Disney World makes four hotels dog friendly

Pet Resort to Pamper your Prince or Princess at Disney World

Is your dog, cat or “pocket pet” so much a part of the family that you just can’t bear to leave them at home during your family Disney vacation? Well, then you’re in luck, as Best Friends Pet Care Resort, a luxury pet resort at Walt Disney World Resort is now accepting reservations.

Reservations are being accepted for pet boarding stays beginning Aug. 27, 2010, for the new facility. This is the first time overnight boarding has been available at the Walt Disney World resort. Update: I forgot that Fort Wilderness and TTC currently has overnight boarding.

While the new facility may be a step up in service, with overnight boarding now available, it is a huge drop in convenience. Update: According to the Best Friends Pet Care website, the new facility will consolidate all the current WDW kennel facilities into one location. This is quite a bit less convenient for guests who are used to being able to drop their pets off right outside the main gate of the park they’re visiting that day.

Read More »Pet Resort to Pamper your Prince or Princess at Disney World