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Ken Pellman

Shameless Plug: My Report on Snow White Anniversary Event

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My written and pictoral coverage of the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 70th Anniversary Event is now online at The event took place this past Friday night and included, among other things, a panel discussion with John Lasseter, Leonard Maltin, Roy E. Disney and other names animation nerds would immediately know.

Shameless Plug: Ken Reviews _Realityland_

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Go to to read my review of the unauthorized biography of the Walt Disney World Resort, Realityland: True Life Adventures at Walt Disney World by David Koenig.  Yup, the same guy who wrote Mouse Tales.

Shameless Plug: My Latest Column Now Online

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The latest edition of my Kenversations(TM) column was posted today at In this column, I lament the closure of the Disney Gallery by sharing my Disney Gallery memories from the past 20 years.

Shameless Plug – The Last For Now

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My latest Kenversations(TM) column is now posted in full on  The third and final part, about recent changes and trends in the theme park industry, went up today. Part one is here – It is about major changes within the Disney Company in the last few years, and in the feature film industry, and… Read More »Shameless Plug – The Last For Now

Shameless Plug – Kenversations(TM)

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It’s finally time for another shameless plug.  (I called in a "Shamless" plug at first, but I guess that works, too.) The first part of the latest edition of my Kenversations(TM) column was posted today on In this three-part column, I examine the big changes both inside Disney and around Disney over the last… Read More »Shameless Plug – Kenversations(TM)