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Shanghai Disney Rumor Persists

A Disney theme park coming to Shanghai has been rumored for a few years now. This latest bit of news makes it sound more like Shanghai is trying to attract Disney, not vica-versa. I don’t see Disney funding this on their own right now, but… Read More »Shanghai Disney Rumor Persists

Hong Kong Disneyland Hearts Coca-Cola

Andrew Kam, a former Coca-Cola executive with 20 years of experience in China, has been named managing director of Hong Kong Disneyland. Kam comes to HKDL with a specialized marketing background that will be used to draw more Chinese tourists to the park. Bill Ernest,… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland Hearts Coca-Cola

Hong Kong Disneyland fine tuning strategy

The word coming from Disney’s first mainland Asia theme park these days is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The park is reporting higher attendance levels attributed to the “Year Of the Mouse” festival and Disney attuning its offerings to… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland fine tuning strategy