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Ranft: Story Man 1960-2005

In addition to the tributes I’ve already linked to here and here, people continue to mourn the loss of Joe Ranft. I’ll continue to list as many of these tributes here: First, CartoonBrew highlights exactly why Ranft was riding in a car along the coast that day. He was heading toward a retreat to help… Read More »Ranft: Story Man 1960-2005

Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

Disney is about to release a new Animated Film, but it’s not from Walt Disney Feature Animation, in fact it’s not from the Walt Disney Company at all. Valiant was created by Vanguard Studios and was bought for distribution by Disney. Motley Fool thinks Disney’s strategy is a little murky with this one. I have… Read More »Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

“Not Dead Yet!”, says 2D Animation

More evidence of Hand Drawn Animation’s continuation as an art form is appearing at the studio of former Disney animator Sergio Pablos. Greg tracks down the trailer for Pablos first release Giacomo’s Secret. Yes, it’s in Spanish. But it looks great!

Disney Animation Model Sheets

If you’re an aspiring animation artist you probably spend at least a part of your time copying other people’s work. Well has a wealth of Disney Animation Model Sheets and sketches for you to practice on. Be sure to see the sketches from Aida and Don Quixote, two films that never made it out… Read More »Disney Animation Model Sheets

Mickey’s cousin Micky?

From PBS’ History Dectectives comes the story of a mouse toy named Micky patented in 1926. But wait you say, isn’t that two years before Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney’s beloved icon was first unleashed in Steamboat Willie? Why yes it was. Read the full transcript of the show (in PDF) then click below for more…

Read More »Mickey’s cousin Micky?

Sky High, man

Tucked in among the July 24th ‘Live‘ photos on are a few photos from the world premier of Disney’s Sky High, a PG rated popcorn flick that follows the fortunes of a superhero family as their son enters the High School for superheros, only without any superpowers. Sound like something you’d go see? Well… Read More »Sky High, man

A Local’s view of Press Junket at Disney World

Starfish is a recent transplant to the Orlando area. Like most the first thing she wanted to do was get to Walt Disney World and soak in some of the fun. Well, what would happen if that first day was a press junket and celebrity event like the one that happened May 5th of this… Read More »A Local’s view of Press Junket at Disney World

Pirates of the Caribbean II

Looking for the latest news on Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightly, well then look no further than This week they’ve showcased the first glimpse of the villain of the film, Davy Jones. It’s a poster for the upcoming film entitled:  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.