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fan video

Videopolis: Down to Earth (From Wall-E) by U of M Amazin’ Blue

The University of Michigan’s a capella group Amazin’ Blue put on their blue face and performed a terrific rendition of Peter Gabrial’s “Down To Earth” from the Wall-E Soundtrack. That’s a little more Blue Man Group than Pixar, but I’m not complaining. As always, nominate… Read More »Videopolis: Down to Earth (From Wall-E) by U of M Amazin’ Blue

TRON Revisited (again)

Just yesterday we had a retro take on a trailer for the original Walt Disney film TRON. Now we have a modern take on the now visually retro feeling original film. But after you watch this trailer you’ll be ready to head out to the… Read More »TRON Revisited (again)

LOST: Flight 815 crash in format of 24

I’m loving this Youtube video made in the style of Jack Bauer’s 24. It is a real time look with multiple camera angles of the events surrounding the crash of Flight 815. Thos ten minutes really got me excited about the February 2nd premier of… Read More »LOST: Flight 815 crash in format of 24

Disney World Video Treasure Trove

Since 1979 Martin has been flying across the pond with his family to visit Walt Disney World. He’s been video taping his visits since 1990. The result is a collection of more than 150 videos documenting much of the resorts history. I’ve embedded a sample… Read More »Disney World Video Treasure Trove