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DuckTales Opening Recreated With Actual Ducks, Amazing


Anyone born after 1990 may not get this. But this video with actual ducks recreating the opening from Disney Saturday Morning’s DuckTales is fantastic!

I’m surprised no one thought to do this before…

DuckTales debuted in 1987 and featured Scrooge McDuck, who doesn’t get enough love in the theme parks if you ask me, with his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie and sometimes Donald as well (but really only in a few episodes). Plus a host of other guest characters. They have adventures, fight bad guys, and always comeback to Duckburg. Of course, the series relied heavily on the comic book series created by Carl Barks. The final episode aired in 1990, much to the sadness of Disney fans of all ages.

Join me below the jump where there’s an amazing one man vocal harmony DuckTales theme song cover:

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