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NBCUniversal acquires DreamWorks Animation Studios

NBCUniversal is the closest thing to a rival to The Walt Disney Company in the market today and with the just announced acquisition of DreamWorks animation, that rivalry just got a bit more heated. NBCUniversal, which is owned by Comcast, now effectively owns two animation… Read More »NBCUniversal acquires DreamWorks Animation Studios

Dreamworks Doing It Again…

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Oh so long ago it seems, back in 1994-5, a little company called ‘Dreamworks SKG’ formed and it forever changed the course of hand-drawn feature animation. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the ‘K’ in SKG had been called ‘a little midget’ by Disney’s CEO Michael Eisner, and perhaps worse, was refused a promotion he felt promised to him… Read More »Dreamworks Doing It Again…