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dim sum

Dim Sum Lose Some (Pushing Daisies 2.5)

Sometimes it’s the title that does it for me. I could just read the title of the Pushing Daisies episode and be satisfied. Remember the pilot, Pie-lette? (hee, hee!) When I read last night’s title, Dim Sum Lose Some, I knew it was going to be a good episode!

We begin again with young Ned at boarding school, this time entering a private roulette game in a classmate’s room. (You know, because most 8 year olds have their own roulette wheel.) And while young Ned loses his chocolate betting he learns that gambling isn’t for him. (Hmmm…sounds similar to Bad Habits, remember? Poor Ned doesn’t like to get dirty. They’re really working on Ned’s issues aren’t they?) According to our narrator gambling can give you an outcome you can’t see coming (that’s called foreshadowing, folks!).

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