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The Slate Chimes In

This review in Slate magazine mentions something I meant to put in my review. Bird begins with his superheroes being interviewed by an unseen documentarian with a handheld-camera, and they go in and out of focus as they get excited and the cameraman tries to keep them in the frame. Clever! This is another trend… Read More »The Slate Chimes In

Brad Bird’s Super Secret Identity???

"The days I was happiest as a screenwriter were when I was writing scenes with E," muses Bird. "It cracks me up the way she never experiences any doubt. The only person who can intimidate superheroes is this tiny woman." USAtoday runs a quick story on Director Brad Bird. Brad also voices Edna Mode, fashion… Read More »Brad Bird’s Super Secret Identity???

The Incredibles, a review

The Incredibles, a review
Theatrical Release: November 5, 2004 / Running Time: 115 Minutes / Rating: PG

Pixar has been batting 1000 with their animated feature films until now. Without being formulaic, the creative minds in Emeryville have managed to hit upon the recipe for fantastic success with each new release. The Incredibles is the least formulaic feature yet and likely to be the most successful.

Not content to stand on their successes of the past, Pixar brought in the team from the new classic animated film, The Iron Giant. Director Brad Bird and his team of storytellers and artists admittedly had little to no experience with computer generated animation, Pixar’s specialty. This meant they had no idea of the limits of the media and were able to push the boundaries of CG animation to new and exciting places.

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A Couple of Walt Quotes

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” “A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no… Read More »A Couple of Walt Quotes

Disney Concert Hall Organ Debuts

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Lillian Disney’s incredible gift to Los Angeles, has just debut its concert pipe organ. Chris was there and reports good things. LA Splash has the incredible facts behind this instrument. Rosales, one of the organ designers (along with Frank Gehry) has some amazing photos of the pipe organ.

Disney Kitchen Products

“The new Disney Appliances are technologically savvy with special safety features and lots of Disney magic,” said Randy Hales, president of Back to Basics. “Whether for single or family use, these appliances allow users to enjoy time in one of the favorite rooms of the house — the kitchen. The Disney Smoothie Maker and Disney… Read More »Disney Kitchen Products

Whew. That was Close

Apparently Disneyland Paris was in a bit more financial trouble than previously believed. It had to file for bankruptcy again. This new plan should provide it some needed dept relief and investments in new attractions. Hopefully things will finally turn around for this debt strapped company.

Vintage Disney World Hotel logos

Michael Kovalchick of Graphically Speaking found some vintage matchbook covers from the early days of the Contemporary and Polynesian Hotels. Wanting to share the glory of those classic logos, he reproduced them and has made them available via illustrator files. My favorite is the Polynesian logo, but then I’m a tiki nut. (via