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Studios Discover the Spending of Families, Faithful

Gina Piccalo of the Los Angeles Times examines a recent trend of some major studios to cater to or at least market to specialized markets, such as religious communities, and families in general who are looking for cleaner entertainment. Instead of focusing only on what the critics in Los Angeles and New York say, they… Read More »Studios Discover the Spending of Families, Faithful

Lost again!

Mark me as very excited about the upcoming season of Lost on ABC. I can’t believe the new fall shows are about to start so soon. For a preview of the season with some slight spoilers read this Orlando Sentinel article. Fans of Desparate Housewives might want to check that article out too. Both shows… Read More »Lost again!

Incredible Accolades

Over at Luxo: The Pixar Animation Fan Blog, they’re keeping track of all the awards and nominations The Incredibles has received. Brad Bird had better dust off that Tuxedo and stock up on the cumberbunds, he’ll be making a lot of acceptance speeches this year. So Far he has best animated film from the New… Read More »Incredible Accolades

Grey Lady on the Incredibles

I bet you thought the stories on Pixar’s hit The Incredibles were over, didn’t you. Well, they’re not. The New York Times has chimed in with a story on the message behind The Incredibles and the pressures to conform that are put on today’s children. Other parents are complaining about a decline in programs for… Read More »Grey Lady on the Incredibles

National Treasure, starring Elvis

Just got back from watching Nick Cage channel Elvis in his latest flick, National Treasure. It’s getting bad reviews from critics, but I think they’re missing the point of this film. It’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and except for the too unplausible to believe beginning, it’s easy to lose yourself in. The… Read More »National Treasure, starring Elvis

The Slate Chimes In

This review in Slate magazine mentions something I meant to put in my review. Bird begins with his superheroes being interviewed by an unseen documentarian with a handheld-camera, and they go in and out of focus as they get excited and the cameraman tries to keep them in the frame. Clever! This is another trend… Read More »The Slate Chimes In

Another blogger review

I LOVE the fact that Pixar doesn’t play it safe. Just as they seem to be forming a pattern, Pixar breaks from it–for example, dropping Randy Newman as composer and the “outtakes” after Monsters, Inc.–and moving in new directions. The Incredibles is their biggest shift yet. Over at, Masked Reviewer Sombrero Grande decides he’d… Read More »Another blogger review

The Great Cartoon Debate, Part I

“The terror that flaps in the night singlehandedly saved Disney from being relegated to “not culturally important enough” status in this debate. We had Darkwing cereal bowls, beach towels and t-shirts. We even got his autograph when we went to Disney World.” The Great Cartoon… Read More »The Great Cartoon Debate, Part I