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Chronicles of Narnia

Studios Discover the Spending of Families, Faithful

Gina Piccalo of the Los Angeles Times examines a recent trend of some major studios to cater to or at least market to specialized markets, such as religious communities, and families in general who are looking for cleaner entertainment. Instead of focusing only on what the critics in Los Angeles and New York say, they… Read More »Studios Discover the Spending of Families, Faithful

Narnia, the next big thing?

Disney’s filming a ‘live action’ version of the Chronicles of Narnia. Some artwork made it onto the net this weekend. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were contemporaries and there is hope up in Burbank that this will be the next Lord of The Rings, or even Harry Potter, at the box office. If not there’s… Read More »Narnia, the next big thing?