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China’s Splendor Auctioned Off

A short drive from the gates of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom lay the gates of another era, another culture, the gates to Splendid China. Alas, the wonderously detailed attraction was never able to pull in enough tourist dollars to make a go at it in the competitve Orlando arena, and was forced to close… Read More »China’s Splendor Auctioned Off

China set to compete on world market with Animated Feature

In manufacturing, this country already rules the textile world, the production of computer parts and countless other items that Americans all but take for granted. Now, with the sophisticated images coming out of this studio, China seems to be serving notice to the Disneys and Pixars of the world that its day is arriving in… Read More »China set to compete on world market with Animated Feature

More Hong Kong Fun

Missed this on yesterday. It’s a press release with plenty more details on the Hong Kong Disneyland project. The park sounds small, but they’re building it on the theory that you always leave them wanting more. When the park opens multiple new attractions are supposed to be under construction to open over the following… Read More »More Hong Kong Fun

Hong Kong Redux

The sloppily drawn contract between Disney and Hong Kong does not even have a clause preventing Disney from opening other parks in China. Also not mentioned in the press release are the massive cost over-runs due to dioxin in the soil at the Penny Bay site (and more besides from FoE) and the pollution problem… Read More »Hong Kong Redux

Orlando Vacation Blog

I don’t speak Chinese, so it’s fortunate that pictures can also tell the story. In what seems to be a growing use of Free Weblogs (see, a couple from China has posted a trip report of their visit to WDW and Orlando on blogspot.