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Celebration, FL

More Hotels Coming to Celebration

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The third hotel for Celebration and second hotel from the Mona Lisa Development, the U.S. affiliate of Mona Lisa Hotels and Residences of France, has just been announced. There’s speculation that 400 additional acres could find a Four-Seasons hotel and golf resort on it soon. The land for these developments was sold off by the… Read More »More Hotels Coming to Celebration

Water Mania to close

Water Mania, a family owned water park near Disney World and across from Celebration, FL, has announced they have been bought and will close on September 5th. The price must have been right, because despite the loss of a major water slide in last year’s hurricanes, this has been a good year for the water… Read More »Water Mania to close

Celebration, a new look.

This last week Slate magazine featured a pictoral look at Celebration, FL with commentary and photos by architect Witold Rybczynski. His conclusions are mixed (generally good residential and poor commercial) and his observations about the direction Celebration has taken rings very true. Although Disney is no longer involved in this town, the story is worth… Read More »Celebration, a new look.

Retro Future

If you know who Georges Bataille is and what Deleuzian Philosophy is then the online journal Rhizomes is for you. Even if you don’t dabble in philosophical discourse, you might want to read Utopian Accidents from the current issue of the journal. The author examines Walt Disney’s prototype city of EPCOT and the 1990s construction… Read More »Retro Future

Hurricane Blogging

Here’s another well written blog by someone in Celebration, FL (do you have to pass a written test to live there?). Erica posts about her experience as Charley passed over head. Some pictures in their photo gallery too.

Celebration Round Up

More Stories from Celebration: Barb, of the excellently written Celebration Blog, posts about the worries of owning a property but being away from it at the time. Then follows up with a damage report on Celebration (including a few picks of damage to her property). Tom of posts a number of photos providing an… Read More »Celebration Round Up