Letterhead from Walt Disney’s Carolwood Railroad

I absolutely love this letterhead that Walt created for the Carolwood Pacific Railroad that he build in his backyard. It was featured on Letterheady, a sight for people who love letterhead. I love the little bits of humor in there. For instance his title “President,… Read More »Letterhead from Walt Disney’s Carolwood Railroad

Shakeup at Walt Disney Studios, Dick Cook Resigns

Walt Disney Studios chair Richard (Dick) Cook has announced that he will be resigning his post. As chair of the studios cook over saw all live action and animated films released by the Walt Disney Company. Unfortunately there has been a fair amount of pressure for the studios to improve their offerings the last few years and many felt that Cook would eventually resign or be fired if things did not improve.

Cook was liked by most Disney fans, not just because he rose through the company from the bottom ranks of a front line attractions cast member at Disneyland, but also for his involvement in the fan community, such as his participation in the Carolwood Society. I’m sad to see him go and hope he stays involved in the Disney community.

Nikki Finke is reporting that Dick Cook was actually fired. But I guess in the higher levels of Hollywood, they call that a resignation.

(via the LA Times)

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