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Iron Man 3 Exhibit at Disneyland

Please welcome guest author Zoë Periale with this report from the new Iron Man 3 exhibit at Disneyland:


With the third movie in the Iron Man series up for release at midnight tonight, a new exhibit has cropped up in Disneyland. Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries is located on the top floor of Innoventions, a small low capacity building in the back of Tomorrowland but fitting nonetheless. After doing a round about of the top floor to reduce traffic flow problems, you’ll be greeted by the sight of what the over head speakers is dubbing the Mark XLII, or Mark 42 of the Iron Man suit. Red and shiny it stands on a recreation of Tony Stark’s circular pedestal that fans of the series will recognize as the location where he preforms many a suit up in his Malibu Beachside home. Read More »Iron Man 3 Exhibit at Disneyland