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comfort food

Comfort Food (Pushing Daisies 2.8)

After learning that Pushing Daisies is canceled, I think we were all in need of a little comfort food. And this episode delivered. It might have been my favorite one this season. I think it was the hats. Olive and Ned in matching hats just takes the…uhm…cake.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. Let’s start with our theme intro—Young Ned at boarding school. He is in need of some comfort food and whips up a pie for himself. But just then, his dentally-challenged friend Eugene enters and needs some pie, too. And pretty soon all the boys in the school are partying with Ned and his pies. The party ends too soon when foreboding-authority-figure enters the kitchen and marches Ned away. Lesson learned? “Even a forkful of immediate gratification can lead to a world of grave consequences.”

Speaking of graves, Ned and Chuck are leaning over Charles Charles’ casket ready to open it up. As is typical, they lovingly argue about who gets the first 30 seconds of their one minute. And soon Ned touches Mr. Charles.

He asks the important question about Dwight Dixon (uh, is he bad?), then gives Chuck some alone time (like 30 seconds) with her dear old Dad.

The next time we see our lovebirds, Ned is asleep in bed holding Chuck via some plastic wrap. Chuck is fitful and gets up…so we can begin our TWO AWESOME STORYLINES!

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