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black panther

Black Panther movie from Marvel Studios starts production

Introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in “Captain America: Civil War,” the Black Panther is the next character to have their own stand-alone film go into production, as of today, in fact. The movie will follow T’Challa who, after the events of “Captain America: Civil… Read More »Black Panther movie from Marvel Studios starts production

Angela Bassett joins cast of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Academy Award-nominated actress Angela Bassett has joined the cast of Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther.” Bassett will play Ramonda, mother of T’Challa, aka Black Panther. In the comic books Ramonda is the step-mother, so it will be interesting to see how that changes in the movie.… Read More »Angela Bassett joins cast of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Marvel Cinematic Universe Growing Pains

Last year, Marvel held a surprise press conference to unveil their entire Phase 3 line up of movies. This is what it looked like: Then, Marvel and Sony announced that they will be working together with Spider-Man. Sony will still make the movies with help… Read More »Marvel Cinematic Universe Growing Pains

Digging into Marvel’s Phase 3 Films Announcement

This week, Marvel shook the internet by announcing all of their Phase 3 films. What exactly does this mean?

First, Ant-man is officially a part of Phase 2. From what we have heard, Ant-man will largely be a flashback. Meaning the events of the film will take place sometime earlier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My guess, is since the synopsis for Age of Ultron states that Tony Stark is resurrecting a past peacekeeping program, that this program will still be somehow tied to Ant-man. Essentially, I expect two origin stories, one for Ant-man and one for Ultron.


From the extended trailer we see the whole group of Avengers at a little party, celebrating something. My guess is a recent victory over Baron Von Strucker, the villain at the end of Winter Soldier and the apparent success of the Ultron program. Of course, Ultron crashes the party revealing his sinister intentions.

captain-america-civil-war-titleThis leaked clip from the Marvel Event, hopefully you can still see it, shows the growing friction between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. This is obviously the beginnings of Civil War, which we will see played out in Captain America 3. Civil War is so far promising new Avengers brought in by Steve Rogers which will bolster the roster for Infinity War pt 1.

What is also interesting about the leaked clip is the reference to Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximof) showing them all something, such as their worst fears. This causes Thor to go off somewhere to check something. I think that what he saw is the Ragnarok event which is basically the end of Asgard. These head games could also be the cause of Hulk’s battle with Tony after he is shown something that causes him to rage against the world.Read More »Digging into Marvel’s Phase 3 Films Announcement