Up Crafts for Disney Movie Night


From Disney Style comes a trio of Pixar “Up” inspired crafts to throw your own Disney movie night.

Grape Soda Pin is an iconic moment from Pixar’s Up and the perfect accessory for your “Up” themed movie night. .

Up Adventure Map Luminaries, perfect to display your globe-trotting spiritRead More »Up Crafts for Disney Movie Night

Learn to Draw – Pluto

Mickey’s closest pal Pluto may be neglected by the most recent lineup of Mickey Mouse cartoons, but he still has plenty of fans. They should be very happy with the latest in Disney’s Learn to Draw videos series. Direct from the Magic of Disney Animation… Read More »Learn to Draw – Pluto

Jingle Bells Disney Holiday Music Mashup

With a word stolen from a Disney movies here and an animated short there, the folks at Disney Movies Anywhere have edited together a fun Disney Holiday Music Mashup set to Jingle Bells. It’s cute, but not as good as we’ve come to love from… Read More »Jingle Bells Disney Holiday Music Mashup

Disney in Japanese Art Styles

In anticipation for Big Hero 6, opening in a theater near you today. The folks over at Oh My Disney created some fantastic redesigns of both new and classic Disney characters in Japanese art styles. Ever wondered what Winnie the Ariel or Dumbo would look… Read More »Disney in Japanese Art Styles

Learn to Draw: Stitch

He’s an alien who knows how to get into trouble. But in the end everything is alright because Ohana means family. Our learn to draw subject this week is Stitch from Disney animated feature Lilo & Stitch. Today we’re led by Character Artist Heather Worley… Read More »Learn to Draw: Stitch

Photoshopped Disney Animation Breathes New Life Into Old Classics


Tyson Murphy has been working as a digital artist for about five years. He likes to start interesting projects to keep up his skills, such as photoshop editting, painting techniques, and light play. While working on his technique, Murphy decided to grab a screenshot of a Disney classic as a test and see what he could do with some painting and lighting changes. The result is something you have to see to appreciate.


Murphy says he would definitely like to do more of these Disney animation paintovers, including experimenting with actually animating one a little bit in the future. He does not intend for these to be seen as improvements on the originals. But they’re definitely something different.

The 101 Dalmatians one below, reminds me a lot of the new painterly techniques we’ve seen in some of Disney’s recent animation, like Tangled and Paperman.

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Learn to Draw: Grumpy

It’s time for another video in the Learn to Draw Disney character series. This week it’s Grumpy from the Walt Disney classic animated tale of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The host in this video is Brian James Fichtner from Animation Academy at Disney’s… Read More »Learn to Draw: Grumpy