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Videopolis- An Incredible Animal Kingdom Medley

If you can recall, I introduced you to Dan Gooding’s Disney Park medleys a few Videopolis’ ago. Well, his newest was just released… and just in time for Animal Kingdom’s 15th Anniversary. I can’t stop smiling while watching and listening. This is a MUST-WATCH!

Videopolis – Incredible Disney Parks’ Medleys!

I found Dan Gooding’s YouTube channel about a year ago, but he keeps churning out these incredible Disney Theme Park medleys. Recently, he put together a two-part Epcot medley to celebrate the 30th anniversary (One part for Future World and one part for World Showcase).… Read More »Videopolis – Incredible Disney Parks’ Medleys!

Animal Kingdom Cupcakes

Am touring Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the family today and spotted these delicious looking treats for sale. I love this trend in themed food. Exactly the sort of fun that justifies theme park prices.


Take a closer look at the samples. They actually well done paper and clay models. Real frosting would melt in the heat, of course.

Price list is below:

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Baby Okapi born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

And now for today’s moment of cuteness. “Nafuna”, a 35-pound female baby Okapi, was recently born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Reported healthy after her first wellness exam, Nafuna, whose name means delivered feet first, was born on June 21st following a 14-month gestation period.

Okapi are one of the animals who always generate excitment in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can see them in three places. Guests will be able to catch a glimpse of Nafuna and first-time mom Zawadi a few months from now at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Ituri Forest. Father Akili currently lives on the savannah at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. They’re also available on the Pagani walking trail at DAK.

Considered rare in the wild, okapis are often thought as being related to the zebra because of their stripes. But okapis are in fact, related to the giraffe. Their natural habitat is the Ituri Forest, a dense rain forest in central Africa, which is often threatened by loggers, hunters and human settlements.

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Kilimanjaro Safari to end Little Red storyline, add more Zebras, Watering Hole

For the last few years Disney’s Animal Kingdom has slowly making changes to its signature Kilimanjaro Safari attraction. They added more rows to the trucks, changed the spiel slightly, allowed trucks to briefly stop when good photos opportunities present themselves, and made some significant improvements… Read More »Kilimanjaro Safari to end Little Red storyline, add more Zebras, Watering Hole