John Frost

This year's great migration of the happiest people on earth to the happiest place on earth occurs October 1st through the 3rd. Gay Day 2004 is not sponsored by Disneyland, but Disney does make a ton of money off these 25,000 or so special guests and works with the event planners to make sure lots
Never let it be said that no one is investing in Disney themepark improvements. Oriental Land Co, the owner of the Tokyo Disney Themepark properties has announced a 1.28 Billion dollar plan to spruce up the parks and attract new visitors. I think it would be nice if Eisner announced a similar program for the
Alright, I can't believe this. The cast member who was accused and acquitted of fondling a guest while dressed as Tigger has been suspended from his job for another possible infraction, this time with a fellow cast member. I feel sorry for the guy if this is another false accusation. But in today's world, once
In 2004, what do we mean by Walt's vision? Well, what were the qualities that defined his tenure? Creativity, an attentiveness to regular people and their concerns and interests, a cohesive understanding of the needs of children and their parents, the boldness to take risks, loyalty toward his primary constituency and an unwillingness to rest