John Frost

I can assuredly say that Pixar has created the best American animated feature of 2004. Granted, when your competition is SHARK TALE and HOME ON THE RANGE, that's not saying much Amid over at Cartoon Brew has a few thoughts on the Pixar expansion and upcoming release of The Incredibles. (note: Posting will be light
Mr Baxter should check the air pressure once again as it looks like the Submarines are coming back to Disneyland. Marty Sklar can now thumb his nose freely at all those who claimed he should eat his famous 'speed bump on harbor blvd' words. Yep. Ken on has the details and a bit of
Cause Downtown Disney is opening up Club LibbyLu. Club Libby Lu's mission is to create a spontaneous environment that encourages girls to express their imagination and individuality. 'Tween girls (ages 6-12) enjoy hanging out with their friends, playing games, learning new dance steps, or having their birthday parties with the guidance of club counselors. This
Board thumbs nose at Roy E Disney and and says all looks sunny from where we're sitting. At this point I have to wonder if anyone on the Disney Board of Directors even cares what SaveDisney has to say. This whole affair is beginning to remind me of the Presidential Election. Both sides are
Tom McAlpin, the No. 2 executive at Celebration-based Disney Cruise Line, has been promoted to president of the Walt Disney Co venture. McAlpin reports directly to Al Weiss, president of the Walt Disney World Resort. (OBJ) The Disney Cruise line has been one of the real successes for the company. No body can deliver the
The Vero Beach Disney Vacation club announce it's open for business (mostly) after repairing damage from Hurricane Frances. "On Monday, September 20, 2004, Disney's Vero Beach Resort will reopen after a brief closure due to the impact of Hurricane Frances, which made landfall near Vero Beach, Florida, earlier this month. While limited repair work continues