John Frost

Wall Street Journal and Orlando Sentinel report that Michael Eisner, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, has announced that he will retire when his contract expires in 2006. With a lame duck now at the helm, and Bob Iger just fingered as the crown prince, it will be interesting to see how much additional clamoring
Frank Thomas, one of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men and a legend of animation has passed on. was notified by the family that Thomas died last night. The Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Bambi, Thumper, Captain Hook, The Queen of Hearts, Flora, Fauna, Merriweather, Ichabod, Stepmother, Pongo, Perdita, Tramp, Lady, Jock, Mad Madam Mim, Baloo, King
Wall Street is like the nosy neighbor always chiming in with their view whether it is wanted or not. Analysts (read "Fortune Tellers") have made their views known with little or no reaction in Disney's stock price resulting from the twin Hurricanes. Two storms is barely a blip on the radar for the Walt Disney