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Disneyland to Unveil New Artificial Turf at Entrance and More Today


Disneyland has been replacing the grass around the park with artificial turf to be more eco-friendly, and today, September 2, it will unveil new turf at two prominent locations.

Where Are The Locations?

According to The Orange County Register, new artificial turf around the Mickey floral planter at the Disneyland entrance and at the Haunted Mansion front lawn will be unveiled.

The reveal coincides with the kick off of the Halloween season at the park, including the Haunted Mansion Holiday ride overlay.

Going Green

It’s all part of a larger drought-fighting water conservation effort that has largely gone unnoticed due to Disneyland’s plan of adding the turf in select locations every few weeks.

The artificial turf is a blended product that uses several different types and colors of “grass” to make it look more natural vs the one shade of green that stands out as fake.

It’s making a difference, too. Disney says that replacing the natural grass with artificial greens around the “Storybook” letters floral display on the hillside of the Storybook Land Canal Boats earlier this year will save the park 81,000 gallons of water a year.

Not everything is being converted to the turf. Disney says sometimes plants, bushes, and flowers that use less water are planted instead.

Storybook Land Canal Boats

How do you feel about Disneyland using more artificial turf to be more green? Let us know in the comments.