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Take a Trip On the Elevator to Dine at Space 220 at Epcot

The elevator connecting EPCOT to Space 220 restaurant

In my post yesterday, I explained that to get to the newly opened Space 220, guests board an “elevator” to reach the Centauri Space Station where the restaurant and lounge is located, and I thought it’d be fun to share one of the rides with you.

The inside of the elevator wraps around a circular viewing screen on the floor, which “opens” before lift-off so guests can watch the journey from EPCOT to the space station. There’s a companion viewing screen on the ceiling to watch the arrival.

It was crowded when we departed, so I snapped photos but didn’t get any video. However, following my meal, I lucked out and got an elevator to myself. That’s when I decided to shoot this video.

The departure from the space station back to EPCOT is, of course, the reverse of the arrival viewing, but just as thrilling.

The video starts as I enter the elevator, and you can hear some light banter between me and the lift attendant. I aimed the camera at the floor viewer, so most of the footage is of the descent back to Earth, with a little of the top viewing port mixed in.

Warning, the descent goes a bit quick, so if you get motion sickness, watch with care.

That said, this was a fun part of my visit to the Space 220 restaurant, and I hope you enjoy it, too!

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    1. There’s the sound of rumbling, but no actual movement. It feels like you’re moving if you’re watching the viewscreen but again, no actual movement. It’s totally safe. =)

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