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France Pavilion Expansion Update from EPCOT

One of the parks we managed to visit shortly before Walt Disney World closed its parks and hotels amid the Coronavirus crisis, was EPCOT. We wanted to get one last look at its major construction projects, enjoy the flowers of the Flower and Garden festival, and maybe squeeze in a farewell ride or two.

Knowing we wouldn’t be able to visit the park for an undetermined period of time made the visit bitter sweet. But we did get a look at the France pavilion expansion which includes Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, the new Creperie restaurant location, and a lot of new Parisian theming.

Note, when we recorded this video, it wasn’t clear if construction would continue or be halted at Walt Disney World. As we learned yesterday work on all major construction projects has been postponed.

Since our previous visit workers had finished the large gate at the entrance to the new land. It reads “Ratatouille” and there’s a banner hanging there that reads “Opening Summer 2020.” That date might be in question now.

Other changes since our last visit include adding more theming to the pre-existing buildings, adding paint and trim to the windows on the new restaurant, and a lot of detail work adding trees and garden areas around the outside of the main walkways.

The EPCOT park guide map was updated to show the expansion area. It includes the facade and show building for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, the new Creperie dining location and the restrooms (tucked in the Disney Skyliner line). That little blue dot represents the courtyard fountain.

They might want to rethink where they’ve placed the Eiffel Tower though, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t spring out of the top of a warehouse in the real Paris.

It’s an uncertain future right now, but we can hold our memories of Disney close to our hearts and think about sharing new experiences with old friends when the all-clear is given for Walt Disney World to reopen. We will see you then with a crepe in one hand and some cheese in the other.