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Sorcerer Magic transforms prototype Walt Disney World bus

The Sorcerer Class Motor Coach was a proof-of-concept vehicle designed for the Walt Disney World transportation bus system. Meant as an exclusive bonus feature for guests going to the Magic Kingdom, it would transport, inform, along with provide world-class entertainment to the guests on board.

As you can see in the video below, the bus had overhead light tracks that were synchronized with audio tracks. In addition to some promotional materials, they provided useful information for the parks, and entertainment. Right now all you see on the walls are advertisements. So this would be a step up.


The prototype bus was parked outside the Contemporary convention center during the D23 “Destination D” event back in November. It had never seen guest service at that point and we were told it probably never would.

We hope they’ll be able to refine this concept into something that could see regular operation at Walt Disney World. It’s definitely a step up from existing bus service in terms of entertainment and would be a great for those long rides between Animal Kingdom Loge and the Magic Kingdom.

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3 thoughts on “Sorcerer Magic transforms prototype Walt Disney World bus”

  1. Yeah, how about Disney expands the monorail line instead? Or at least they could provide buses at more reliable intervals, so you’re not left standing at a bus stop for 45 minutes because three just left within minutes of each other before you walked up?

    Besides, a quiet bus is one of the few perks of taking the bus. That’s the luckiest bus ride of all!

  2. Family trip in November for 8 days at Riverside. Transportation was very very good. Never had a wait of longer than 20 minutes at our resort. Once after dinner at AKL we had a half hour wait for a bus and of course the longer waits when parks close. No complaints about transportation from me.

  3. I think it’s in intriguing use of the MagicBand technology for birthdays and such, but they’d need to tone it down a bit. Since my mom has epilepsy, I’m naturally wary of anything with flashing/strobe effects. They’d probably also not want so much fanfare for rides back to the resorts at the end of the evenings when everyone is sleepy or sleeping.

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