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Tips for using the Big Green Egg at Tuckaway Shores Resort

Note: We were provided a free stay and monetary compensation in return for article. However, the opinions are entirely our own.

Don’t be intimidated by the Big Green Egg at the Tuckaway Shores Resort. We used it to cook a delicious meal of meat and vegetable kabobs. It’s not like your regular grill at home, but if you follow some basic steps, it can convert you to the magic of grilling at high temperatures.

We have some tips for cooking on the Big Green Egg and a special deal on rates at Tuckaway Shores Resort so you can enjoy using the grill yourself:

1) Set the chimney full of wood chips on the ground and light the paper at the bottom in multiple places. Let the majority of the wood chips turn grey (meaning their white hot) before dumping in a pile on the bottom of the grill. Don’t worry too much about getting this step perfect, the Egg acts as a natural chimney, so just open the top and bottom to get air flow if you want the wood chips to get a bit hotter.

2) When the Egg is hot, it gets really hot. To prevent a back flash, ‘burp’ the lid by opening it just a few inches once or twice to release some of the heat.

3) If you’re grilling steaks, chops, burgers, etc, you want to cook at hot temp (650 or so degrees (450 or so for chops)). Open the top and bottom vents wide to get the heat up. Sear your meats on both sides, then lower the lid and close the vents about half-way. At high temps it will all take around 5-7 minutes too cook depending on how you like your steak. Once they’ve reached your desired temperature, remove them and cover with tin foil so they can rest for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

THRLLD – Mini-Eggest brings Big Green Egg owners to Florida’s Space Coast.

Because of the unique hot grilling temps, you can buy thicker cuts of steak or chops and still have them come out perfectly juicy. We recommend using olive oil to coat your meat and then apply seasoning of your choice. We let ours marinate in the fridge in the room for a couple hours first to bump up the flavor.

Tuckaway Shores Resort Special Rates for The Disney Blog readers


The management at Tuckaway Shores Resorts has a special offer for followers of The Disney Blog. It’s a great special for anyone that might want to visit Disney and add few days at the beach between today and Jan. 15th, 2016 (excluding the two major holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas). Book a two or more night stay, and Tuckaway is offering a 15% discount off the weekend rate of $130/ocean side, $140./ 3rd. floor ocean front or $154/1st or 2nd. floor ocean front and 30% off any weekdays. So, the discounted rates would be:

Fri. or Sat. night at $110.50 (ocean side suite), $119 (3rd. floor ocean front) or $130.90 (1st or 2nd. floor ocean front)

Sun. thru Thur. nights at $91 (ocean side), $98 (3rd. floor ocean front) or $107.80 (1st or 2nd. floor ocean front)

Provide promo code “DIS” to get your discount.

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