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Disney Princesses reveal their favorite Sandwich


“Biggie” is a huge fan of sandwiches. He organizes monthly meet ups in Central Florida to try local restaurants with great sandwiches and promote his Deli Fresh Threads brand of clothing. He’s also a Disney fan.

As a fan he decided to ask Disney Princesses (and a few other walk-arounds for good measure) his favorite question, “What is your favorite sandwich?”

What great responses from Disney World’s walk-around characters. They definitely know how to think on their toes and stay in character.

What is your favorite Walt Disney World location to get a good sandwich?

1 thought on “Disney Princesses reveal their favorite Sandwich”

  1. I thought Snow White would say she used to enjoy PB&J’s with a thinly sliced apple in the middle, but that she stays away from them now.

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