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New Flame Tree BBQ Menu


Flame Tree BBQ at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been down for an extended rehab. They refurbished some of the backstage area and expanded the shade over the queue before the registers and by the utensil & condiment dispensers. All great improvements. It re-opened for the first time on Sunday.

I was there a couple days before it reopened and was able to get a picture of the new menu for Flame Tree BBQ.


The smoked chicken salad has been replaced with Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad and the Fruit Plate is now a Watermelon Salad. But otherwise the menu is the same. Do note that Jalapeno Cornbread has replaced coleslaw as the second side on the main entrees. Believe it or not, prices for the entrees are the same as before, that’s a refreshing change.

Although there’s no air-conditioned seating at Flame Tree BBQ, I love to sit and eat in one of the pavilions down by the water side where sometimes there’s a little breeze off the water, or maybe that’s from the Forbidden Mountain across the river.

You can also now purchase and take home your own bottle of Flame Tree BBQ Sauce over in Zuri’s Sweet shop in the new Harambe Market over in Africa.

I hope to drop by Flame Tree BBQ for a taste test of the Ribs and chicken Combo and one of the salads in the next week or so and will be sure to report back. What is your favorite place to get barbeque on at Walt Disney Word?

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