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Magic Kingdom Minecraft Walk-Through


We finally succumbed and bought my son a Minecraft license this week. He’s already hard at work building his first virtual theme park with his friend. If that’s what he wants to do, he could do a lot worse than studying this virtual Magic Kingdom created by Ryan Hecht, his friend Darren, and a team of 20 builders.

I like that they worked a lot of the background music into the video. Definitely lent it an air of authenticity. It seems a little block-y to me, but my son tells me that’s how Minecraft is.

With the real thing just a few minutes away from our home, I’d rather visit it instead of a Minecraft Version. But if you’re many miles away, this might do in a pinch.

Do you have a favorite virtual magic kingdom?

9 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Minecraft Walk-Through”

  1. Very very cool and very fun. No idea how they did that, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching(perhaps because I’ve always dreamed of walking around MAgic kingdom with literally no one else in the park). The one thing it was missing, and I can only imagine how long this would take, but it’d be great if they had built all the actual rides too. Imagine going on small-world or Peter Pan or splash mountain in that minecraft world. Pretty cool stuff Mr Frost.

    1. Good news, all the rides in Magic Kingdom are functional. You can take a ride on Peter Pan, Splash, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, any of ’em. Epcot and Hollywood Studios are being worked on right now and will have all the rides functional.

    2. We actually do have all the actual rides, and they all work as well! Using Minecraft mods and server plugins, we’ve been able to make each and every ride 100% functional!

    3. They have built most rides. There may be one or two in the Magic Kingdom, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, the music play; you must imagine it.

  2. Thanks for the piece on our server! In addition to the Magic Kingdom, McParks is also building Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with Animal Kingdom currently in the planning stages. We also have Disneyland California, a bit of Disney’s California Adventure, a few of the Disney Cruise Line vessels, AND Universal Orlando all partially or fully complete!

  3. Hey John! Thanks for the mention, it means a lot to our small little group project. We’ve been going for a little over a year now and we’ve got a ton of parks currently in construction and even a few extra gems like the Disney Cruise Line fleet. I’d just like to mention that most of our staff is under the age of 18, including myself and Ryan. These are the best people to ‘work’ with, some of the most professional people you’ll ever meet and they all do a wonderful job in keeping the Disney magic!

    Thanks again,
    MCParks Founder

    1. Wooooowza guys. To Darren, Ryan, David, and all involved…Really really amazing work guys. And I know that doesn’t mean much coming from an anonymous poster on the other side of a computer. But it’s really stellar stuff you’ve done here. I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of Minecraft, but I can appreciate any kind of greatness and skill. I count myself a fan of anyone that has the ability to impress me. And believe me, it’s a very rare thing to impress anyone in this world these days. And what you do is genuinely amazing. Keep up what you’re doing. If I ever bump into anyone of import(be it Disney or gaming-wise), I’ll certainly pass along your names and your work. Again, very cool. I’m 31 now, if I had been doing what your doing at 18, I’d probably be a millionaire by this age.

      **BTW, Is that your Youtube page, “TheeSuperEnigmas”? Can I find the rest of your work there, or is there somewhere else to look for more?

      1. Ryans YouTube channel is TheeSuperEnigmas. I’m over at TheDrMeowMix. We have a combined YouTube channel for the Disney Podcast the two of us both host, with no relation to mcparks, called DisCast(YouTube Channel: DisCastShow).

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