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Disney Bites: Corn Dog from the Fantasy Fare Food Truck


Although it’s not always on stage, the Little Red Wagon at Disneyland offers one of the park’s real treats – hand-dipped corn dogs. They dip them in yummy corn bread batter, then fry them up at the perfect temperature to keep the grease to a minimum and serve it on a stick. They a are big, hot, and tasty treat that makes any visit to Disneyland more special.

You can get Churros, Popcorn, Turkey Legs, and many other treats at Walt Disney World, but not the corn dog. That is until the Fantasy Fare food truck came to Downtown Disney. When it first opened, I actually went to Downtown Disney a couple times just to try the corn dog, but the Fantasy Fare truck was either not yet open or just not present. Eventually, I gave up and decided that I would get my corn dog when the time was right.

That time was today.

After braving the hunt for an open parking spot, I found myself walking past the Fantasy Fare truck which was parked right next to Ghiradelli’s. Amazingly there was no one in queue and I was looking for something to hold me over between a late breakfast and a 7pm dinner. So, I ordered up one Corn Dog.

By the time my card had been swiped and processed, a corn dog and chips was being handed to me out the window. While the corn dog may have been made before I ordered it, it was still nice and hot with a perfect golden brown color.


The corn dog itself was slightly greasier than I remember the Disneyland version being, but it was just as tasty as the original. I think a slightly higher temp on the deep fry portion would reduce some of the greasiness.

The Fantasy Fare corn dog comes with fresh made potato chips. Mine were well salted and the portion was just about right. A few chips got stuck together and hadn’t cooked quite to a crisp, but over all the taste and quality was good. I would have preferred the option to have a dash of flavored salt to add a little pizazz to an otherwise plain side dish.

While it’s hard to split a corn dog, the chips are perfect for sharing. If you want a great snack while at Downtown Disney, for $7.50 the corn dog is the perfect option. Later this summer, the Food Truck park will open at Downtown Disney, until then try looking in Market Place for this food truck.

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